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Haiku from Nature

rain falling again a gentle tepid shower slowly cleans the world velvety darkness enveloping everything bringing dreams to all the darkness remains as if night had never left a world still dreaming lightning’s showy flash patterns the sky, thunder claps nature applauding nature inspired syllables paint the picture thus haiku transforms translucent wings beat darting [...]

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Nature Inspired Haiku

woodpeckers tapping out their morse code messages nature’s encryption skeletal branches clawing at the steely sky causing it to cry a new wind blows by stirs the imagination germinates ideas birds perched on the wire silhouettes against the sky marking out their song May is all about Nature, here is day 7 ‘s wee bit [...]

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Feeling Blue

Night’s deepest shades of blue echoed in storm clouds and bruises collected while interred. Grayed out skies begin to match my mood. While the bright blues become pale and translucent ghosts of themselves; as I have also done locked away inside yearning for the yellow sun. day27 of April is all about color. This is [...]

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More Poetry ATCs

Inspired and enjoying the fun I created eight more sets of three ATCs with the poetry theme.  Three fun examples follow the rest can be seen in the ATC cards area under Poetry. Mail got  a little out of hand with the senryu causing a chain reaction of an envelope which then BEGGED for mail [...]

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Slowly Healing

Posts should resume in a regular fashion in May. I have been laid low since early April with pneumonia. (this also explains my absence on twitter which again will resume in May) I did manage on Sunday to create some poetry ATC’s for an exchange which are posted in the atc section. Three examples one [...]

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