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Tuesday’s Thought

Painting dissolves the forms at its command, or tends to; it melts them into color. Drawing, on the other hand, goes about resolving forms, giving edge and essence to things. To see shapes clearly, one outlines them—whether on paper or in the mind.  Alexander Eliot

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Little of this, little of that

Spent the weekend up in sisterland for an early family celebration of niece’s birthday. Niece is very excited and enthralled with all her gifts ranging from a new camcorder to a green screen to a great how to book and software for animation as well as custom totes. It will be interesting to see what [...]

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Studio Updates

Well, as I progress in getting unstuck, uncluttered, organized and energized I am trying to create some good habits and routines. This includes the studio area, online areas, business and marketing areas of my art and my life. Part of this will be using Wednesdays on the blog to do updates about things in the [...]

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Yet more bunnies

yeah they keep flowing off the brushes …

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Bevy of Bunnies

More in the small oil series on board …

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