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sssshhhushhhhh even silence has it’s sounds. whispering breezes and rustling leaves; insects buzz and chirp as night slowly settles in. water droplets splatter down falling from lofty eaves. stillness all around. except for mind, voices chattering within. calming, drifting with the water rippling out once more. quiet returns. no sound remains. except the beating of [...]

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Back to Nature

Some shot along the Illinois River from my parent’s backyard. I was playing with new wee camcorder a bday gift I had not yet played with due to illness (wow 3 months). These are testing a bit the 70 optical zoom by taking pics of the island behind the house as well as part of [...]

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Haiku from Nature

rain falling again a gentle tepid shower slowly cleans the world velvety darkness enveloping everything bringing dreams to all the darkness remains as if night had never left a world still dreaming lightning’s showy flash patterns the sky, thunder claps nature applauding nature inspired syllables paint the picture thus haiku transforms translucent wings beat darting [...]

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Mowing Season Begins

On Wednesday I took time off work, yeah I know but wait, I did this to finally get a first cut done on what some would call my yard. I live on what was once grazing field for animals. Since first being sold and the wee prebuilt ranch put up, the only sodding that was [...]

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Nature Inspired Haiku

woodpeckers tapping out their morse code messages nature’s encryption skeletal branches clawing at the steely sky causing it to cry a new wind blows by stirs the imagination germinates ideas birds perched on the wire silhouettes against the sky marking out their song May is all about Nature, here is day 7 ‘s wee bit [...]

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