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More Poetry ATCs

Inspired and enjoying the fun I created eight more sets of three ATCs with the poetry theme.  Three fun examples follow the rest can be seen in the ATC cards area under Poetry. Mail got  a little out of hand with the senryu causing a chain reaction of an envelope which then BEGGED for mail [...]

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Slowly Healing

Posts should resume in a regular fashion in May. I have been laid low since early April with pneumonia. (this also explains my absence on twitter which again will resume in May) I did manage on Sunday to create some poetry ATC’s for an exchange which are posted in the atc section. Three examples one [...]

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Heartfelt Studio Update

These ladies should all be arriving at their new homes this week. Here are the Valentines for 2009, a much pared down version that what I originally intended but they came out better for it I think. An atc swap was the original inspiration. But I worked outside the size a bit in this final [...]

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Merrily Ring …

Christmas Eve, and twelve of the clock. Thomas Harding

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Joy to the world …

There are no strangers on Christmas Eve. Adele Comandini

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