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Piecing It Together

My version of how to create a quilt as a creative project solution while only having about 16 hours total to work on it. The process was actually interesting the gorgeous results are very much a proof of concept for me in using nontraditional means and methods to create a fabric quilt. The backing is [...]

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Lunar Musings

Luna is a cut paper/fabric creation. This muse was done as part of a cert course I am working on. It was interesting how well she came out and the additional symbols, meanings and ideas she contained once completed. I figured instead of making her live in an empty space while posted I would make [...]

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Back to Basics

All About Me If the slideshow does not work you can try the pdf file here All About Me This is what I ended up doing for an unconventional introduction for a cert course I am taking. It is something many will remember from back in the early early school days. All About Me books. [...]

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How to Make Time Fly

Another project along the Arternity path. This is to all tied to that old adage Love what you do and Do what you love! Hence the heart being the main shape of the “clock”. The heart is made from two layers of handmade paper. The inner pink heart having wonderful thread inclusions. The wings from [...]

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No Deposit No Return

This was part of the Here to Arternity workshop, creating a permission slip to invest timeĀ  in yourself. I started with the words I am worth this and the thought I can only GIVE my best if I AM my best. Looking through some ephemera that came with the class I found this wonderful label [...]

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