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Envel-Hope Sample

Helping out Artella by doing a trial on an Envel-Hope and sending in a write up about the process. Here is my thoughts and results, well the outer results the letter will remain private. I am still soaking in the concept of showing gratitude for what will be. I have not truly considered Attraction in [...]

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Created this little digital item in response to a challenge where we were given a bare tree to work with to create a spring tree. My thoughts went two ways the first will appear next month at the appropriate time but for now I’ll share the magic of Sakura (the cherry blossom).

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Beating Inspirations

Hearts are my inspiration as I continue to play with pattern making; using colours, textures and ideas garnered from such diverse sources as a silk shirt and a stress toy. Here are examples from the two sources I mentioned :

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Unlikely Inspiration

Who knew my ball of rubber bands at work could be so inspiring? Working with the textures and colouring of rubber bands while creating patterns. Here is one result:

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Tuesday’s Thought

I do not seek. I find. ~Picasso

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