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More MSI Christmas Trees

More images from the trees around the world at Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry.


MSI Trees around theWorld

Well Amy & I did our third annual trek to see the trees at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry. It’s fun trying to find the obvious clue to each tree’s nationality. Here are some images that called out to me…

Envel-Hope Sample

Helping out Artella by doing a trial on an Envel-Hope and sending in a write up about the process.

Here is my thoughts and results, well the outer results the letter will remain private.

I am still soaking in the concept of showing gratitude for what will be. I have not truly considered Attraction in this light before. This went beyond motivation, into really considering what I need as well as desire of the people in my future. How can these friends to be, best fit into and change my life? This is a big step since it is usually how can I best serve others. The short creative time allows these thoughts to process and percolate, in turn helping to create a more detailed and honest written response to be housed in the envel-hope. It also gives me a greater awareness of what and who to watch for, so maybe I won’t miss them by not realizing what a great friend to be just said hello.

I really enjoyed this! Which is lucky because I am starting a 30 day journey with both the Artsy Envel-Hopes 2012 and Artella’s ARTpreciation Postage. Both involve searching  questions and small creative crafts. I will be posting results from both on this blog.



Meet the first crop of cafFiends™!

These hyper-caffeinated on the go coffee swiggers are the latest  CutUps™ creation. This spiky headed batch’s papers come courtesy of the Creative Caffiene Art Kit from Artellaland.

Using my cafFiends™ CutUps ™ I played further with a new animation software and came up with this. Excuse the quality it is a first proof of concept piece.




Created this little digital item in response to a challenge where we were given a bare tree to work with to create a spring tree. My thoughts went two ways the first will appear next month at the appropriate time but for now I’ll share the magic of Sakura (the cherry blossom).

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