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Beating Inspirations

Hearts are my inspiration as I continue to play with pattern making; using colours, textures and ideas garnered from such diverse sources as a silk shirt and a stress toy. Here are examples from the two sources I mentioned :

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Snowy Deception

That is the thing about my driveway .. looks so innocuous and easy when covered in snow. One never guesses at the 3-6 foot drop off the right side if you don’t follow the tire tracks. Maybe that is why no one visits in the winter???

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Blanketing Beauty

It’s a quiet and precious world before dawn when snowing. The world still sleeping as nature pulls up her own blankets as well. Playing with a digitized LOMO these days, the very early shots did not come out well but here at the lab I did get three nice shots. The first is just as [...]

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Unlikely Inspiration

Who knew my ball of rubber bands at work could be so inspiring? Working with the textures and colouring of rubber bands while creating patterns. Here is one result:

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Summer’s Gold Revisited

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