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Wintery white

Testing posting pic and text from phone.

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My Latest Stalker

Whatever you do don’t call him chicken! That’s MR Rooster to you! This exceptionally large fellow was stalking me as I tried to get photos of the white peacock. Thank goodness his spurs are clipped. To give a good idea he stands around knee high. I really have to paint this guy, especially after posing [...]

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Albino Peacock?

Ok now this was new I haveĀ  never seen a WHITE peacock before. The photos below show him approaching a peahen with chicks. Then checking out the chicks. One chick made it up to the fence top, the others milled below wondering how to get on the other side of the barrier. I did love [...]

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Peacock Photo Op

This beautiful guy was hanging out on the corner fence post.

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Back to Nature

Some shot along the Illinois River from my parent’s backyard. I was playing with new wee camcorder a bday gift I had not yet played with due to illness (wow 3 months). These are testing a bit the 70 optical zoom by taking pics of the island behind the house as well as part of [...]

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