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Haiku from Nature

rain falling again a gentle tepid shower slowly cleans the world velvety darkness enveloping everything bringing dreams to all the darkness remains as if night had never left a world still dreaming lightning’s showy flash patterns the sky, thunder claps nature applauding nature inspired syllables paint the picture thus haiku transforms translucent wings beat darting [...]

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Cow Inspiring

Wondering if they have yet reached Bovinity? This herd of cows were constantly under this grouping of trees out in Lititz PA, when my sister lived there. I keep trying to sketch it out for a large oil on canvas. I did manage a small monotype based it, but still want to do the painting. [...]

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Nature Inspired Haiku

woodpeckers tapping out their morse code messages nature’s encryption skeletal branches clawing at the steely sky causing it to cry a new wind blows by stirs the imagination germinates ideas birds perched on the wire silhouettes against the sky marking out their song May is all about Nature, here is day 7 ‘s wee bit [...]

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Today’s creations are not of my making. They say Spring is when life begins again. Day 2 of life for these wee kits began this morning. May is all about Nature, here is day 6 ‘s wee bit of inspiring creativity.

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Outside the Door

Nature surrounds me and revives me. My favorite time is Fall but Spring comes a close second with all the newness of life exploding forth. The hint of grapes to come: Hints of purple in the “lawn” : Two outdoor companions wondering if treats might be involved, while I sit on the top stoop in [...]

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