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Lyrical Connotations

lyrical connotations what is that connection? between note and spirit. strumming strings echo in thrumming nerves. drumbeat becomes heartbeat. bass booms, body swoons sax wails, clarinet sighs … orchestrated bliss, melodious delights. jazz jangling, blues wallowing swing lively stepping out. operatic tendencies unmasked, while rock in all its forms still SHOUTS! causing motions from small [...]

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Raining Again ?

raining again? winds go howling by screaming of past pains and today’s torments whispering of secrets unkept of promises broken of things … never said murmuring of dreams long forgotten sighing of losses, visions depleted singing such sad songs melancholy melodies lulling me to sleep. July is all about Self, here is day 1 ‘s [...]

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twilight’s melody ©Jenn tip, tap, skitter …. plunk. tip, tap, skitter …. plunk. stones skipping across the expanse. silent ripples chasing back to shore where wavelets murmur and lap. crickets chirping happy tunes while scattered frogs provide percussion. trilling swallow, warbling nightingale voices soaring on the winds. punctuated by the splash! of a fish grabbing [...]

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sssshhhushhhhh even silence has it’s sounds. whispering breezes and rustling leaves; insects buzz and chirp as night slowly settles in. water droplets splatter down falling from lofty eaves. stillness all around. except for mind, voices chattering within. calming, drifting with the water rippling out once more. quiet returns. no sound remains. except the beating of [...]

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Every Year …

pitter – patter crept tiny feet down the creaky stairs. tick – tock went the clock in the hallway clear. small gasps of delight from tiny mouths escaped. as boxes shook, and thumped rustling papers tore and shred. joyous laughter did erupt ohhhs and ahhhs exclaimed! silently the parents stood watching the glee filled scene. [...]

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