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Synchronicity Again …

I have been working on my final project for Artbundance Coaching Certification. It’s all about keeping on track by keeping track. (I admit to suffering from SPS – shiny pretty syndrome) One theme per se that has developed through this work is encapsulated in the sentence : Success is measured by more the merely the [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a national day for gratitude. Families gather and celebrate life’s blessings. The morning had an amazing predawn colouring. Violets and fuchsias climbing into darkening indigo hues. A serene beauty that invites contemplation. Although I have a daily gratitude practice, today still becomes special. A bountiful life, good friends, healthy family, and new opportunties. So [...]

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Inspiring Tribe

Kaleidoscopic Dreamers reflections and refractions spinning kaleidoscopes of joy. coloured patterns of light and dark mixing together in the flow; all the scattered pieces for an instant becoming whole. all playing their part in creation’s art each member… heart and soul. a small verse inspired by my fellow tribe women as they discuss names, based [...]

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Friday’s Big Adventure

So the set up is as follows : mom is away thus da needs entertaining. Since he is alone that means HE gets to choose what movie to see. He wanted to see Inglorious Basterds, but the movie is close to 3hrs (doesn’t feel like it) and thus the wee downtown theater we normally see [...]

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Back to Basics

All About Me If the slideshow does not work you can try the pdf file here All About Me This is what I ended up doing for an unconventional introduction for a cert course I am taking. It is something many will remember from back in the early early school days. All About Me books. [...]

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